September, 2021

Dear Network:

We are thrilled to announce Lemuy Group´s investment in Demarka.

Demarka is a leading Chilean company that serves clients from different industries with comprehensive traceability, codification and identification solutions. Additionally, Demarka serves offices and education establishments through its brand Adetec, which offers office supplies and educational items.

We analyzed hundreds of companies in different industries with the aim of investing in just one of them. We were looking for a solid company, in an industry with attractive growth opportunities, and above all, made up of a valuable team. That is exactly what we found in Demarka.

From today, Diego Greene and Jorge Lagos will assume the full-time position of Executive Directors of Demarka. They are excited to take on this challenge and eager to take Demarka to the next level.

We want to thank the trust and support of our investors, friends, families, and collaborators during the search process. It would have not been possible without you.

Vamos con todo!