Lemuy Group is a search fund formed by entrepreneurs to identify, acquire and grow an existing private company in Chile

We are a solution for owners looking for a partial or total sale of their company

Value Proposition

Lemuy Group is not your typical investment firm. We understand that your company is much more than just a business. We seek to make a single acquisition where we will dedicate ourselves exclusively to operating and adding value to the company, without time pressures and always honouring the legacy of the founders.

We are a team of entrepreneurs with 15 years combined of experience, supported closely by a group of local and international investors with extensive expertise in this type of investments.

Focus and dedication

We will make a single acquisition and dedicate ourselves exclusively to operate the acquired company

Value creation

We will seek to generate value in the long term with a focus on revenue growth, operational improvements and financial restructuring

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Long-term horizon

We have a long-term time horizon without predefined limits that destroy company value


We understand that transition stages are complex so we offer flexibility in processes and timelines

Investment Criteria

We seek to acquire one (and only one) company, with annual sales over US$ 5mm, and ideally with the following characteristics:

Company – Qualitative
Company – Financials

Significative size and growing

Low grade of concentration

Resilient to economic cycles

Without regulatory risks

Proven business model

Recurring or predictable sales

Potential for growth

Owners looking for partial or total exit

At least 3 years of profitability

Stable cash flow

Healthy and sustainable margins (EBITDA margin ≥ 15%)

Low CAPEX requirements


Our Managing Partners are responsible for the management of Lemuy Group, and will subsequently take executive roles in the acquired company.



Managing Partner


+10 years of experience in investments, strategic consulting and accelerating entrepreneurs

 MBA, Haas School of Business,
University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Science,
Business and Economics,
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

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Managing Partner


+10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, in investment funds and in commercial divisions

MBA (Private Equity concentration),
London Business School

Bachelor of Science,
Business and Economics,
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile













Our investor team is composed of more than 15 entrepreneurs and businessmen from Chile, United States, United Kingdom and Spain, with extensive experience in acquisitions and operations in diverse industries. Some of them will serve on the board of the acquired company.


If you are a business owner, an intermediary, or just want to contact us, please leave us a message and we will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, call us at +56232852039 or +56232852047. We ensure confidentiality.

 Juan Agustin Alcalde 2225. Oficina B. Vitacura. Santiago, Chile.